Organ wind-chest


The organ is one of the latest works of Brescian master Costanzo Antegnati (1549-1624), whose name is written in a wooden insert under the trabeation frieze where "CONST. ANT.BRIX. OPUS" can be read.
This precious relic dates back to 1617. Its composition follows a classical structure mixed to an attention to details which is typical of the Baroque: it is full of mascarons, cupids, caryatids and musical instruments skilfully put alongside in order to fill the whole wooden surface available.
The organ breadth is determined by two high grooved Corinthian columns. It is then located between a horizontal parapet on the bottom and the statue of the patron saint on the top.
The frieze is supported by 6 lion heads, while many ancient musical instruments are sculpted: trumpets, horns, harps, cymbals and triangles are hung to mascarons which appear from the belly of angelic figures.
In 2008 the organ wind-chest was restored.

Fonte: Quaderni di Storia Candianese 5 - 2009 - pp 77-81